Cayman GPUs are There! FurMark OpenGL 2 stress test — source. I’ve used it for going on four years now and it’s taken this long for me to think about upgrading. Headphones are almost a must unless you have the ability to crank up your speakers and not annoy housemates and neighbors. I can’t even imagine what two of them would sound like, but I CAN imagine the processing power they would handle with ease. Excellent performance, but wear headphones. Right off the bat everything is lower.

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XFX AMD Radeon HD 6970 (HD-697A-CNFC) 2GB GDDR5 SDRAM PCI Express x16 Graphics adapter

This item doesn’t belong on this page. The HD does what other cards can only claim: TessMark tests resulted in rather horrid results for Cayman cards, but this is clearly a software issue related to older Catalyst releases and it should not be taken seriously.

Two of these babies could most likely run any game out there on fairly high settings and perform beautifully. The performance never waivers, but when the dual fans go into overdrive, so do the decibels. I wanted to snatch this up while they were still around so I could crossfire with my current card. About this product Product Information Weapon of choice!

Most relevant reviews See all 10 reviews. Conversely, the GTX is shown to simply maintain a static engine clock — source.

PassMark – Radeon HD – Price performance comparison

I am very happy with this purchase! You should also point out the power draw during Bluray aka DXVA operation of the Cayman cards, because it is smelly as it gets. I bought one of these cards when they were brand new and they were not cheap. Despite this, we chose to include the results in our review, just to annoy fanatic fanboys who have already issued several fatwas calling four our untimely deaths. Cayman GPUs are There!


Make sure that you choose wisely and are equipped with a graphics card custom fit to your specific needs, which is why you’ll want the XFX AMD Radeon HD graphics card. No matter which version you choose, XFX makes sure you get to draw your weapon first. Show less Show more. Excellent performance, but wear headphones.


The item may be missing the original packaging such as the original box or bag or tags or in the original packaging but not sealed. From left to right: While back in the day it took a lot to really stress these cards, many games these days will ramp them up fairly easily and often. The performance of this card is truly powerful and I always dreamed of having two of these beasts!

PowerTune throttling table — source. I can’t even imagine what two of hr would sound like, but I CAN imagine the processing power they would handle with ease. Radeon HD,— source. Overall our power consumption measured at the wall increased by 60W, while the core clock for FurMark is The new VLIW4 shader design can not make a huge performance impact as some have guessed, but it opens up a lot of room for die size and transistor optimization which effectively makes the GPU cheaper to produce, the cards cheaper to buy — more performance for your hard earned Dollar.


I love the way makes things look better, the for that price your money can get in my opinion.

Read full review Verified purchase: If you’re like me and don’t raeeon headphones and just care about pure performance, then one or especially two of these monsters for the price they’re at finally is an absolute steal and can’t be beat for the frugal gamer. These cards are LOUD! Right off the bat everything is lower.


Easy to 6907 and great for postproduction work. It was a good deal for this type of card. Good deal It was a good deal for this type of card. The only knock against these cards is that at the time of their release, these were top-of-the-line new technology and they weren’t able to deliver both the amazing performance that they have AND the ability to cool them quietly.