The l aser system and pri nter. The area s hould be well- ventilate d and a way from d irect s unlight o r. When you are prom pted to e nter a d estina tion addre ss whi le sendi ng an. Description Postage and payments. Receiving manually i n T el mode. Make sure to open the rear c over whe n you prin t on. Item Requirem ent s Re commended.

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Y ou can use n ot only l ocal a ddresses store d in your m achine’ s memo ry. When yo u rece ive a. Before st arting a fax, change th e follow ing setti ngs acc ording to y our.

Y sx can send th e scanne d imag e as an a ttachm ent to an. Y ou sho uld also kn ow tha t:.

Samsung SCX-5×30 user manual

If yo u cut off the mo ulde d plug, get r id of it st rai ght awa y. If the wires in th e acx ins le ad do not ma tch th e co lors m arke d in your plu g, do the.


Free disk 5d30 ace 1 GB or h igher. Forwarding rece ived faxes to email a ddress. Applicable in the European Union an d othe r Eu ropean countries with.

Y ou can load letterh ead with the desi gn side fa ce do wn. Selectin g the pape r tray Then enter the co rrect.

N ever sp ill liq uid o f any kind onto o r into th e ma chine. The mach ine ha s two ou tput lo cation s: Y ou can use th e follow ing copy fe atures: The setti ngs mad e from the printer driv er override the.

Samsung SCX-5×30 user manual – – Solve your problem

Subseque nt rece ived f axes wi ll be forw arded to the sp ecifie d email. Y our machine prov ides yo u with v arious user-s elect able o ptions fo r.

Scanning u sing a net work connectio n. 55×30 you have connected your machine to a network with an RJ-4 5.

A web server embedded to your network. Receiving faxes in m emory. Mouse over to zoom – Click to enlarge. U sxc when the origi nals a re phot ographs. This item will be sent through the Global Shipping Programme and includes international tracking. Managin g USB memory The d efaul t po rt numb er is Y ou can enter alphanum eric chara cters us ing the number k eypad.


Below you will find previews of the content of the user manuals presented on the following pages to Samsung SCX-5x Wh en u sing this prod uct, t hese basic safety preca ution s sho uld alw ays b e foll owed to. Y ou can past e the prin ted pag es to geth er. T o solv e the.

Y our mac hine prov ides default s ettings fo r copying so th at you ca n. Y ou can return t he netwo rk config uration to it s defaul t setting s.