Music player could be easier to use. This phone is 3G -capable. I’m unenthusiastic, however, about the KRZR’s multimedia capabilities. When the Good Outweighs the Bad Before you start reading this, let me get one thing out there and clear. Additional display – Shows specs of the phone’s additional display Yes Resolution: Best smartwatches this year.

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I personally need more features, so I ended up returning this phone and purchasing a Sony Wi Read full review.

WTF Stop screwing customers. There’s no syllable dropping, no garbling and no background noise on incoming or outgoing calls.

Quality time with Motorola’s MOTOKRZR K1m for Sprint

Overall, it’s small,loud, and has all the bells and whistles and teen to late 20’s kid would want. Motorola claims just over 3 hours talk time but the phone did better in our tests, approaching 5 hours.

Actually the KRZR isn’t impossibly thin, though it’s certainly slim enough to look good and fit in most any pocket without requiring careful sit-downs. At least the speaker is loud and games including Ducati 3D Extreme played adequately well. Facebook Twitter Google plus. It’s not easy to get the mmodem out, and we wonder how well the card will stay in place once the hard rubber wears down.


The RAZR in its various forms has sold 50 million copies and every manufacturer, including Motorola themselves hopes to replicate that success with the “next big thing”. The calendar k1n repeating events, alarms, day, week and month views. I don’t see why the 2. Games and video content typically take up the biggest amount of storage space.

View all photos This phone has been crippled by Verizon just like the others.

Average represents the mean value, calculated from all phones, from the last year. The speakerphone was very clear and adequately loud, and voices transmitted through the microphone sounded pleasant. If you’re addicted to V Cast videos, be warned that the KRZR, like all Verizon phones, will drop battery faster if you watch movem good deal of streaming video.

I am happy to report after owning and testing the K1 for over a month now Overall this is a preety slick phone and still somewhat new enough to have a jodem on style on others. Certainly Verizon, which is also a good point because it has a great network.

Motorola KRZR K1 – Fire red (Unlocked) Cellular Phone

The bottom of the phone is even stippled in a vaguely automotive-grill-like fashion. It’s got a 1. It was GSM only. This article is about the series of mobile phones. Apparently, this variant will get a very different operating system and UI than its GSM cousins, and even the differentiation from the Verizon version should be significant thanks to a mldem deal of software and UI customization commissioned specifically by Sprint.


Motorola KRZR K1 – Fire red (Unlocked) Cellular Phone | eBay

Looks are everything these days, and we have the long standing RAZR craze to thank for that. It has hands-free, headset, serial port, DUN dial-up networking and object push for vcards and images no other file transfer supported. But to maintain its lead in the US, the company needs to keep mode, devices which couple slick morem with top-notch technology, not just roll-out great-looking, low-tech phones.

Motorola has proven that it’s a master of design. The complete Motorola Krzr K1 list of specifications are: Obvious great looks, small, slim and light.

Motorola KRZR k1m

If a singular customers gets all the extras, don’t shortchange the rest of the Carriers. Best smartwatches this year. In terms of features and functionality, however, it’s moddem an old RAZR in a new case. We did note loss of audio-video sync and some stuttering frames however.