Usually 10 seconds is reasonable. But I assume that depends pretty much on the software you are using on the Laptop. With MobileMapper 6, Magellan innovates and fills a market gap in GIS data collection between high-cost devices and consumer-grade products. Do you have any ideas please. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:

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Specify a display symbol for the layer. You probably also have one or more datasets that you want to update in the field, e. MobileMapper 6 is made for intensive use and can be dropped in the dirt or into water again and again.

Magellan MobileMapper 6 GPS – Part 1

Hi Tazrina, my Mobilemaoper disappeared a while ago, so I cannot check the coordinate system settings. Full batteries should last for about a day of continuous operation. This site uses cookies.

I have followed the guide lines in part 1 to 3 but when importing the shape file it is displayed but not in the mobulemapper of the map. A blank map canvas appears. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Always take spare batteries.

In the Logging tab: The measuring tool is telling me there is a distance of 49m from the shape file to the point of the real location of the shape file, but between the two shapefile groups I created there was a distances of over m.


Switch the unit on by pressing the power key on the top right.

All your data has to have the same spatial reference system, e. You can also take pictures using the integrated 2-megapixel digital camera, use Windows Office Mobile applications, all with a single device.

Tap the symbol with the stylus for a detailed battery status. Use ArcCatalog to check.

Buy Magellan Mobile Mapper 6, Mobile GIS with Bluetooth Wireless Tech

It collects data with m real time accuracy, which can be improved to m with post-processing. When I imported them into ArkMap I did mobbilemapper change them so I could see if there was much difference in their placements: Zoom in less area, more detail or out more area, less detail on the map.

I loaded this map up so I could work out the distances in question 1. But I assume that depends pretty much on the software you are using on the Laptop.

The other day I tested it in the Peak District, under pretty ideal conditions, and with post-processing I got accuracy well below 1m.


Magellan Ashtech MobileMapper 6 With Case

And for getting the signal is it necessary to fix the country setting first or it could be connected without country setting? Field-proven Design Fits comfortably in one hand and weighs less than eight ounces g. Switch the Magellan off. Previous post Site licensed software. The next time you start the mapping software it will automatically load the latest map.

Magellan MobileMapper 6 Specs – CNET

Do you have any thoughts? The width of the map was only 19m. Batteries Check the battery status on the top right of the screen. In part 2 we will guide you through using the Mobile Mapper in the field. There is quite some demand, so plan well ahead. Hello Peter, a spatial offset between your reference data and GPS recordings is usually due mobilema;per one of the two having an incorrect coordinate system assigned.

This data can be drawn but not projected.