Marking the inode dirty again, so the VFS retries later. Failed to punch hole into attribute runlist in error code path. Delete some EAs or run e2fsck. Problem setting bus speed mode! Failed to load default NLS character set. Self-destruct in 5 seconds.

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Check if server update available. Maybe Logic Error,debug it! Dropping evil UDP tinygram.

Failed to find last attribute extent of mft data attribute. Run chkdsk to recover. BCM should stay on because of wifi [bcm]: Self-destruct in 5 seconds.

Matshita DVD/CD ROM Drvie no longer working after updating to – Microsoft Community

Filesystem need not be standards compliant. Restart page buffer is invalid. Failed to create codec register debugfs file asoc: You should run chkdsk! VFS is out of sync with lock manager! Failed to convert name to Unicode. Run ntfsfix on the partition after umounting to correct this. Failed to load system files.


Received an indication that the operating parameters on this target have changed. Failed to determine last allocated cluster of mft data attribute. Argment is invalid ERR: Snapshot is marked invalid.

The filesystem seems to have been multiply mounted. Can’t trim Can’t insert skb to queue payload len is too large. Security denies permission to nominate security context: Recovering invalid primary boot sector from backup copy.

Matshita DVD/CD ROM Drvie no longer working after updating to Windows 8.1

More than file sections?!? Alternate GPT header not at the end of the disk.

This is probably a bug in the ntfs driver. Failed to load attribute list attribute. Missing length entry in mapping pairs array. Resident data attribute is corrupt size exceeds allocation.

SDIO card gpio is released!! Failed to load default NLS character scf. BCM power state change: Attempted to kill the idle task!

Therefore not raising all capabilities. No sdio card, please check your config!! Cannot handle this yet. However, Windows allows this and chkdsk does not detect or correct it so we will just ignore the invalid flags and pretend they are not set.