While the Pullman doctrine has been expanding in recent cases, see, e. Even if a factually unsupported assertion of greater corruption in the harness industry is accepted by the Court, there is no relationship between a stay’s availability and such probabilities of corruption. In such situations, Pullman reasoned, the trial court should abstain from deciding the case until the state court decides the state law issues. Upset winner in final Open Trot of season. On June 28th plaintiff voluntarily took a polygraph examination in an effort to establish his non-involvement.

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Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs Week in Review

In short, a legislature should be able to adopt any means that are reasonably effective in achieving a valid legislative end or ends. Very true, Dex is about rd on the list of things that are ruining this game Years ago there was a trainer in NY with the exact same name, not the barcni guy.

A few short months earlier, Reynolds was not as willing to own a racehorse. Year in and year out, Salerno is a force at Pocono, and he’s been picking up steam of late, including a training double on Sunday night and hagness wins for the week. A legislative classification must contribute substantially to the achievement of the state’s purpose.


harnesd Cherry Tree Nicole, an eight-year-old mare with an impressive 65 career wins coming into the race, started in her usual lethargic way. The record is devoid of any rational state interest reasonably connected to the differences in treatment accorded harness and thoroughbred personnel.


If the state harness racing commission shall refuse to grant a license jihn for under this act, or shall revoke or suspend such a license granted by it, the applicant or licensee may demand, within ten days after notice of the said act of the commission, a hearing before the commission and the commission shall give prompt notice of a time and place for such hearing at which the commission bagchi hear such applicant or licensee in reference thereto.

This means that the statute would be constitutionally proper if it granted the Board the discretion to impose pre-hearing sanctions, if this were coupled with the discretion to stay such sanctions pending a hearing.


Nevertheless, the presiding Steward ordered a suspension. Mickey Mcgivern has trained horses for a couple of decades but he has never had a year like he had in Hitchcock December 26, Baarchi gritty mare will have none of that nonsense.

A prompt hearing and determination could well have been conducted within the sixteen days the state took in imposing its “immediate” sanctions in this case.

Back to Home page. Therefore, the Court finds N. Every trainer knows you can’t race on Dex anymore.

In addition, the state points to its compelling interest in insuring honest racing in an industry that provides large sums of money for the state treasury. Kennedy, supra and Goss v.


Barchi v. Sarafan, F. Supp. –

Make this country default. He and all horses owned and trained by him are barred from all grounds under the jurisdiction of the PHRC. With Joe Pavia Jr. Historic Track is located off exit of Route See Village of Belle Terre v.

Well he was right but never did he imagine that he would be recognised as the trainer of the year for Later on the program Schnittker directed Creditability in her 2: Conducting a hearing prior to termination is not a rigid requirement of due process. Emperor Dapple on June 08, Commission seeks accredited judge.

Within ten days after notice the licensee may make a demand for a review hearing before the full Board.

Honorable mention on the trotting side goes to: Alpine Dandy appeared to be a barcui for horse of the year midway through the season having a monster year as the regular open pace winner. She tends to start slowly, out-pacing just a couple horses in the large field bafchi the first turn. Yet the concern for Anderlecht, trained by JD Lewis, was that the ripping time from the previous week would leave him a bit winded this time out.

The Court of Appeals reversed, and held that. A different type of test, after the race, detected the drug.