Actually for LSI cards you can make a DOS bootable using some old USB thumb drive with the firmware files on it and slip that into your uber Unix box and boot it up and do the firmware work without messing up your nice unix box. Shows you the adapter type and firmware revision. Once the M was flashed to IT mode, I was able to place the card back into the intended machine and use it with out issue. Joined Dec 3, Messages Thanks 7. Within FreeBSD, that’ll probe as a controller serviced by the mps driver, and the drives will appear as normal “daX” devices and appear in “camcontrol devlist”, so pretty straightforward pleasure there. Be warned that creating JBOD is almost certainly guaranteed to be overwriting what is on the disk. You can hit control-C during that to get to the card configuration utility.

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The eBay price on the i appears to have dropped substantially, Fresbsd don’t really know what the reason for that might be. Motherboard ports are generally fine. Note firmware version 15 and IT mode.


LSI SAS mps driver preferred firmware version

If you have one already I’d try it and post back. Once the M was flashed to IT mode, I was able to place the card back into the intended machine and use it with out issue. However, even once that happens, they will not show up as FreeBSD CAM devices, so if you’re used to being able to do “camcontrol freebsr or other camcontrol ops, they won’t be there for management in that manner.

Shows you the adapter type and firmware revision. The controller selection screen there will tell you the make and firmware of your controller. I always stick with buyers that have good return policies in case they are fakes.

Did you clean controller’s BIOS when flashing new firmware? LSI makes a lot of hardware.

In some cases, users have come to the forum inquiring about a many-port controller where some combination would do. I would advice you to reflash the controller, i.

ls Joined Oct 15, Messages Thanks Sure, it’s “newer” but it won’t affect the performance of ZFS It works just fine. It is worth noting: Confused about that LSI card?

Joined Oct 9, Messages Thanks And it is more difficult because the disks don’t show up in “camcontrol devlist”. What is the problem you’re having?


LSI SAS2008 performance with mps(4) driver

Forums New posts Search forums. A “dmesg grep mps” would show something like: Patched versions of firmware 20 My guess would be your problem is related to controller’s misconfiguration.

If you’re confused, it is probably understandable I can walk you through it but I’d need to dig up my old notes on that. It is important to crossflash this card!

The card consumes around 10 watts and should have at least some airflow in order to maintain proper cooling. Matching mps driver in Apparently it is possible to configure the Freebsr controllers to pass through unconfigured-good drives to the underlying OS but they don’t do it by default, and I don’t see an immediately obvious way to set that.

It’s basically an LSI i. So the question becomes, what then.

No problems so far. Thank You for the education.