All replies Drop Down menu. Is there a Mac User Group in your area? I purchased Appleworks to take it’s place. We do not recommend this solution if complex handling operations are required. It allows you to keep the manufacturer’s guarantee on your projector.

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The replacement of a projector lamp is a simple operation which does not cause any damage to your projector. It is therefore necessary to retrieve the defective lamp’s cartridge when extracting the projector bulb from the projector lamp.

Thank you, in advance, whoever you are. It will help enormously in getting up to speed with OS X. An original replacement projector lamp is equipped with an original bulb, thus ensuring an optimum lifespan and the best possible image quality.

And you would have to buy all new programs and learn how to use them, while most of your Mac programs will run in Classic, or you can boot into OS 9 and continue to use them. Was reading Edwards post regarding making the jump from system 9.

Going from 9 to X isn’t nearly as traumatic as going from a Mac to a PC. Ask a question Reset. Jan 21, 2: Reply I have this question too I have this question too Me too Me too.

Epson V13HL15 Projector Lamp with

If you get a firewire drive, make SURE you have upgraded the firmware on the external drive first! Please leave your contact details, a sales advisor will call you back.


My brother says I should just get an IBM clone and change my whole computer life since OS Tiger is about to do that anyway and at least I will have decent access to the internet. A reliable and economic alternative As is epsin case with memory cards for PCs or printer cartridges, some companies in the audio-visual market are now providing Genius replacement projector lamps. In fact, it is the one video projector that adapts to all of your needs: Please contact-us for a quote.


Thank you so much for responding. If I were you I would just buy either an external firewire drive that will boot, or get a second internal drive, and copy everything over to it, boot from it to make sure everything works rpson fine, then get a copy of Panther and install that.

Installing a new Genius bare bulb should be a quick and easy procedure without any risk of damage to the bulb or to the cartridge. Now it’s all data entry for me and my reports come out perfect for my accountant use with my taxes. If I install Tiger and the new FileMaker Pro 8 will I still be able to access my old business files and created forms; and, will they still work the same way? Posted on Jan 21, 2: Learn about this product.


Epson Powerlite Projector Lamp

What can you do if the incorrect image is projected with your Optoma HD26? Could some kind soul explain to me what I can to, in language a granny like me can understand? How to solve the noise problem with your Optoma HD25? I know I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer! We invite you to consult our clients’ testimonials on Genius bare projector bulbs This DIY solution for the replacement of your projector lamp or bulb saves your money!

Boxlight SD-650z Projector

I created many spread sheets and databases to run my business. I purchased Appleworks to take it’s place. You can order an original replacement projector lamp from justprojectorlamps.

Also buy Pogue’s book on Panther. This does not sound like a good choice 560z me. Once the old bulb has been removed, the new one must be fitted into the cartridge, and both elements must then be reinstalled into the projector. Much as I love Tiger, there are just too many Spotlight problems, especially with dual booting and second drives, for me to recommend it in your situation. About 10 years ago, I installed and learned FileMaker Pro 4.