With a 55W PSU there is only 4. The C3 range of processors can share the same EBGA physical design as the Eden but are considerably more powerful, fairly similar or faster than Celeron processors of the same clock speed, but consuming less power. There are many models of C3 CPU: Please note that from August 25, we will only post original projects – i. All right lets talk about what this board has to offer the prospective user and what benefits make it worth grabbing your interest. I did think it a bit strange that a product line that spouts the ability to run without an active heatsink comes equipped with one but maybe it is just there for added cooling when used in the confines of a small enclosure.

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Open the display control panel, click the settings tab, then advanced, then S3Display. It does not necessarily mean the Ethernet port is broken. The video shares the memory bus and takes a minimum of 16MB of your total memory vkdeo in the overall scheme of things. Yes, yes you can. What is this site?

The Eden fills a niche normally taken by dedicated and relatively expensive embedded systems. Make us an offer we can’t refuse.


Do you carry advertising? The layout should prove to be a winner though as VIA does have many years of expertise going into this design. Nasty pops and glitches will go away, and system stability will be much viveo. You may link to our site. We add all suppliers we get, and we respond to most mails apart from the ones with. Click ‘Apply’ and the TV will display again.

VIA EPIA SN-Series Mini-ITX Video – video dailymotion

There is only one memory slot provided but the chipset allows you to use up to 1GB modules which should prove adequate support for most desktop needs. First of all, update your BIOS. What is the Eden architecture? I do not yet know how to truly judge if the layout is really good or not as I would have jtx find a case that supports this new Form Factor in order to epua gauge my opinion in that area.

VIA EPIA 800 – motherboard – mini ITX – VIA C3 – Socket 370 – PLE133

I mean everything including the proverbial kitchen sink came loaded on-board this thing. Vudeo was an ITX form factor reference design, but no products have been released. Show Random How to submit your project. An optional 2 port USB 1.

All right lets talk about what this board has to offer the prospective user and what benefits make it worth grabbing your interest. Are you going to have any forums? Some distributions will have problems. This will lock the PCI bus for about 40 – 50 audio cycles, causing pops, clicks and squeaks. Also, be sure to include the VIA-Rhine network driver in the kernel videp loadable module.


For its relative vodeo this board is one feature packed product that has enough built-in power to be a viable product in the lower spectrum of the market.

What should I do if I have poor quality sound pops, clicks and squeaks – particularly when dragging or scrolling windows? There are currently 3 models of Eden CPU: Social Join our Mailing List. Can I use your content?

Feel free to use a picture, but do viddeo remove the logo, and copy it to your server first.

Its specifications are as follows: Check your PSU is capable of supporting all your devices. Downloads Mobo ID Tools.