The incoming traffic switch-to-server uses the all available physical port bandwidth, as there is no metering performed on either the VFA or a switch side. Can see the tx side is lit red Eg Fingers crossed they are not locked to only IBM transceivers. Tho I would have thought if say a sfp wasn’t supported the tx light wouldn’t even fire up? The adapters described in this product guide are now withdrawn from marketing. Lenovo and the Lenovo logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Lenovo in the United States, other countries, or both.

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VMware Compatibility Guide – I/O Device Search

Support for servers with Intel Xeon v1 processors Table 7. The vNICs can also be configured to have 0 bandwidth if you must allocate the available bandwidth to fewer than eight vNICs.

In vNIC emuleex, each physical port is divided into four virtual ports providing a total of eight virtual NICs per adapter.

Support for servers with Intel Xeon v3 processors Table 5. In such a case, a bidirectional virtual channel of an assigned bandwidth is established between them for every defined vNIC. Switch Independent Mode offers the same capabilities as Virtual Fabric Mode in terms of the number of vNICs and the bandwidth each can be configured to have.


As server virtualization technology becomes more prevalent within data 10vbe, more dynamic performance is needed for network bandwidth to satisfy these demands.

Emulex IBM 49Y 10gbe Dual Port Adapter | eBay

In Virtual Fabric Mode, you can change the bandwidth allocations through the switch user interfaces without requiring a reboot of the server. Jan 11, Messages: Your name or email emulexx Operating environment This adapter is supported in the following environment: Option part number 95Y already has the upgrade installed in the factory. They deliver industry-leading performance and scalability per watt, reducing requirements for power and cooling.

I was under the impression that the “locks” were applied on the socket side. Short range nm laser isn’t that dangerous look at for second or two, but stay the hell away from the long range lasers nm. Do not look into the sfp with your remaining eye.

Emulex IBM 49Y4251 10gbe Dual Port Adapter

Some attempts can be made on the transceiver side to fool these locks specifically seen generic SFP that do work in locked Cisco gear but I don’t know of locks transceiver side. Support for servers with Intel Xeon v2 processors Table 6. So I had purchased one of these a emu,ex back and have similar problem.

Then I pulled it out and lined it up against the 4 port lan card I had emu,ex the left slot You must log in or sign up to reply here. StanzaJun 29, You can hold a piece of paper up to a powered up cable, or a NIC, and see the tell-tale red light.


Storage protocol offloads enable the efficient use of computing resources and the support of more virtual machines per CPU, and reduce the number of servers required to support data 10gne demands.

I tried flashing the firmware to the latest from emulex site with no luck Jan 18, Messages: At that length those cables would be expected to work. Discussion in ‘ Networking ‘ started by StanzaJun 22, Do you already have an account?

Warranty One-year limited warranty. In vNIC mode, each physical port is divided into four virtual ports for a maximum of eight 8 virtual NICs per adapter.

The adapters support fiber-optic or twin-ax copper cabling to maximize flexibility. Regardless I was getting weird unidirectional traffic problem; I cant remember which way, but either tx emullex rx can barely push any data at all while another direction I can max 10gb link. Authors David Watts Ilya Krutov. Bandwidth for each vNIC can emu,ex configured via the switch from Mbps to 10 Gbps, up to a total of 10 Gb per physical port.