If you accidentally break the connector, you will have to replace the whole motherboard or use the notebook with an external keyboard. This is part number for the whole display panel assembly including the LCD screen, video cable, hinges, plastic cover and bezel. If the screen still goes dim even after replacing the inverter board, most likely this is backlight lamp failure. Some info works for V! The screen is still bright, it means the backlight lamp and inverter work properly. The battery plugs directly into the motherboard. Audible Download Audio Books.

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Would this be the backlight going out, as opposed to the inverter. Is it under the keyboard or under the display in the top of the laptop?

Compaq Presario M2000

Bad hard drive adapter. The inverter board mounted inside the display panel, below the LCD screen. The volume cable is plugged in and the keyboard bezel is just sitting on the front of the laptop.

This guide explains how to take apart the display panel. Just to confirm that you have a failed LCD, test your laptop with an external monitor. The best way to find a compatible screen is searching by the full laptop model number OR you can search by the LCD screen model number located on the back of the screen. Windows will start to install, but shows no partitioned drive…. The screen was black and never came on at all. Write a product review.


The best way to find a new replacement screen is searching by the part number printed on the original one. Dear readers, it takes countless hours to create content for this site and keep it up and running. Thanks it is really help me to replace the mother boardapprecaited for the detail guide.

How to replace screen Compaq Presario m – Inside my laptop

Does this mean I have to purchase and replace the entire LCD screen? It sat, not working for so long. It will be even harder if the display is still attached to the base as I mentioned at the beginning. In my laptop the part number is I guess the next step is to replace the back light.

I am thinking of just using the keyboard to bring in internet to my tv monitor. The battery is smaller than normal. In a case of power connector power jack failure either replace the power jack or replace the whole power connector board. Cons Slightly underperforms compared to similar laptops. Not sure what Comoaq am doing, so I wanted to check before I break the bottom plate getting it off.


Could be inverter failure. Continue removing the bezel with your fingers. I am really thankful to the good people who always share their know how Do compas yourself technique.

Thanks much for your time and effort in this laptop. I just replaced the inverter on my R and the screen came on when I powered up. Bottom Line The Compaq Presario M is a well-rounded home laptop for users who don’t care about sleek looks. Share your thoughts with other customers. Dear readers, it takes countless hours to create content for this site and keep it up and running.

These screws are hidden under six rubber seals.

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I need power and lots of it. Though I have a problem now, my wifi is not as strong as it was earlier.

Replace it with a new one and assemble the laptop.