The current blend mode controls how pixels are combined with existing pixels in the back buffer and can be one of the following:. To set the mask color, use the SetMaskColor command. You can retrieve a pointer to a pixmap’s pixels using the PixmapPixelPtr command. GetGraphicsMode returns information about a specific graphics mode. You can create a new pixmap using the CreatePixmap command, or load a pixmap using LoadPixmap.

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A pixmap’s pitch refers to the number of bytes between one row of pixels in the pixmap and the next.

To retrieve a pixmap’s pitch, use the PixmapPitch command. The horizontal, vertical, width and height values of the current Viewport in the variables supplied. Clears the graphics buffer to the current cls color as determined by SetClsColor. ClearPixels can be used to set est pixels to a known value prior to use.

From Wikibooks, open blitmzax for an open world. Images are pre-rendered chunks of graphics that can be efficiently drawn using a single DrawImage command. A value of 0 for any of widthheightdepth or hertz will cause that parameter to be ignored. Graphics and CreateGraphics both accept the following parameters: The Graphics command can be used to achieve a fixed refresh rate.


The easiest way to do this is using the Graphics command.

This must be taken into account if you want to access pixels directly via a pixmap’s pixel pointer. On the other hand, the current origin is an x,y coordinate added to all drawing x,y coordinates after any rotation or scaling.

You can create a new pixmap bltzmax the CreatePixmap command, or load a pixmap using LoadPixmap. If sync is 1, then the flip occurs on the next vertical blank. AutoMidHandle defaults to False after calling Graphics.

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EndGraphics closes the graphics object returned by Graphics. Sets pixel width of lines drawn with the DrawLine command.

Unlocks an image previously locked with LockImage. Sets the color of a single pixel on the back buffer to the current drawing color defined with the SetColor command. Set current Cls color. This page was last edited on 11 Novemberat The redgreen and blue parameters should be in the range of 0 to PixmapWindow creates a ‘virtual’ window into pixmap.

Images can be created by snapshotting regions of the back buffer using the GrabImage command. Flip swap the front and back buffers of the current graphics objects.


A pixmap’s pixel format determines how the pixels within a pixmap are stored in memory. Only the area within the viewport is ever modified, blitzma attempting to draw outside the viewport will result in the drawing command being clipped or chopped to the viewport. Note that creating graphics with an unsupported refresh rate will not fail – instead, a default refresh rate will be used.

The graphics module maintains 2 ‘current’ objects – the current graphics blutzmax and the currect graphics object.


From Wikibooks, open books for an open world. The flags parameter can be any combination of the following: The current handle is an x,y coordinate subtracted from all drawing x,y coordinates before any rotation or scaling occurs.

See CreatePixmap for supported formats. Images can also have a mask color.