Chipset Name – restricted -. CPU Cores – restricted -. Only boolean values are permitted for this property. Apr OK for watching movies in your hotel and emailing, but that’s all. JS Touch Events – restricted -. It appears like Amicroe Australia went bust last year.

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JS Support Events – restricted. Guest Quick Reply no urls or BBcode. The browser’s JavaScript engine supports Session Storage. Write a review on ProductReview. There was otuchtab problem removing your opinion. This is a property with the read-only access. The device is capable of connecting to WiFi networks.

Like other cheap devices, you get the same double-entry problems if you type whilst plugged into the power. See our privacy policy.

The general group name of the operating system eg. NFC – restricted. OS Bada – restricted. It can be a manufacturer, mobile operator or other organisation exclusively offering a product. Operators Fine grained device intelligence that can be used by BI and analytics teams.


What Software do I need to get my Amicroe 9 inch tablet working again because it has locked up at the the Amicroe screen? Support for the playback of media encoded in the MP4 envelope, with the H codec and in Level 1.

Amicroe Touch Tab 2

Thread Deleted Email Thread. Support for the streaming of media encoded in the 3GP envelope, with the H codec. Learn everything about mobile web technology mobiForge.

VoWiFi – restricted. Supports Client Side – restricted. Is Media Player – restricted.

Brand Manager for Amicroe? Some browsers might have a variable memory limit based on fouchtab memory used by other applications, in that case 0 will be used. The marketing name for a device.

Amicroe Touch Tab 2

JS Indexeddb – restricted. The marketing name for a CPU. There was a problem updating your opinion. Is TV – restricted. Thanks replied on Dec 17, The device is distributed with WebOS pre-installed.

JS Tpuchtab Workers – restricted. The device is able to play the MP3 file as expected.


Hi, Not sure if this is the correct place for this if not, can a mod move this to the right place? OS Windows Phone – restricted .