The specific problem is: There are six Aspire Timeline models: The very low sound intensity under constant load came off surprising. The TG has several versions: The touch pad even features a multi touch functionality. Acer Timeline X review News”. The comparatively short stroke also occasionally takes some getting used to.

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aspife This is implemented through the form of an especially flat case, as well as through above-average battery life. This makes working in problematic ambient lighting conditions, that is to say especially high brightness or even a source of light behind the user, very difficult.

The fan always remained in the background, although it was almost constantly running. The soundscape during typing with the keyboard is otherwise rather unobtrusive.

Acer Advantage also makes expanding warranty to up to three years with different service options possible. There is a small downer on the edge: The case seems very valuable, last but not least thanks to the aluminium inlay of the display’s lid.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In my opinion, the original Vista installation, had a lot of functions, processor, video, ports, acre optimized in partnership with Intel to get the power optimizations. Fancy office notebooks in the 13 and 14″ format. I think that’s why it uses more battery. Acer deploys two loudspeakers to the left and right above the keyboard, their sound has to be described as very thin, and most notable reverberant.


Acer also fittingly recognized that an average keyboard would be inappropriate in the elegant case, so they let their designers get down to work here as well. Retrieved from ” https: If the Aspire Acee is increasingly used for multimedia, this variant of configuration is by all means worth consideration.

The keys’ surfaces have been designed very slicklywhich leads to a rather sticky feel when typingespecially if the fingers are not completely dry.

The touch pad features almost the same surface as the palm rest in terms of looks, but it has far better silding properties.

Review Acer Aspire T Notebook – Reviews

Our test model with Core Solo CPU and integrated graphics adapter was optimized in the direction of least possible energy demand and low acquisition costs. The Aspire T’s battery life. Both the low sound scape in almost all modes of operation, as well as the case’s low aindows temperature do not leave any room for criticism.

Right-handers should thus not have any problems even with comprehensive usage of ports.

The performance tests conducted albeit recommend the alternatively also available Dual Core processorwhich delivers noticeably better results in multitasking.


A pleasantly quiet test candidate has once more been cast away to our test station in form of the Acer T. They probably abstained from a securing hook for the display due to optical timelune as well. Models with 13, 14, and 15″ displays Aspire T, T, T are offered respectively. Blacky Dec 16, Acer advertises with the notebook’s especially comprehensive features: Both the average transfer rate of The ports are rather concentrated on the left and right lateral edge, since the battery occupies almost the whole rear side.

Acer Aspire Timeline 4810t-8480 with Windows 7 RTM?

ATI Mobility Radeon The case’s heating also came off very low. The feeling when typing comes off consistently positive, apart from the sometimes somewhat sticky keys.

The rear side is occupied by the flap mechanism on the one hand, and the battery on the other hand. The Aspire T reached very good minutes during WLAN operation at maximum brightness and respectively active energy-saver mode, and at least minutes 5 hours during DVD playback.

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