109E 036E DRIVER

Bt rev 17 at When Windows enumerates hardware on boot, it sees they’re both the same, but one has a “faulty” driver as some of its files were overwritten by the other driver. The Audigy2 Value, card, for instance, just needs. A hardware rate of is detected, suggesting that we’re on the right track. Possible also need patch from http: You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications.

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I also forgot to ask if you could do this with the 2. The hack that resolves the problem involves commenting out 6 lines in bt Would you then be able to capture the entire dmesg output and attach it here? The second of the two devices on the PCI bus — the audio capture devices — means that it is technically possible to get the audio straight off the PCI bus.


Is there any known solution to get them both working? Leann Ogasawara leannogasawara wrote on Since they’re as far as Windows cares utterly identical then a reboot is functionally equivalent to taking both cards out and swapping the PCI slots they’re in. Some voltage reference or other variable is missing from the bttv or btaudio driver. A hardware rate of is detected, suggesting that we’re on the right track. Also, I’m working on a small radio tuner myself with might have misconfigured the card a bit.

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You need to log in to change this bug’s status. Email me about changes to this bug report. Bt8xx card found 0. Both ntsc-cc and zvbi works for Closed captioning.

They can be and they can, but this isn’t optimal. Fri Jan 12, This page has been accessed 19, times. 0366e Audigy2 Value, card, for instance, just needs.

Operative word is “both”. I can get both using the Hauppuage driver. I may need to hack the drivers to change the filenames or see if I can make them dependent on a certain revision of the hardware. Without option “quiet splash” kernel print: Comment on this change optional. Emanuel Steen kozz wrote on How install to Ubuntu 8. Possible also need patch from http: Both using the btwincap driver. All bytes are equal. But with the 2. Sat Jan 13, 5: The only exception, detailed below, is that I’ve not been able to pull the audio directly off the card and have to use a patch cable.


PCI interrupt for device Bt8xx card found 0 ” And kernel freeze on this point The picture quality is good, and there is no gunk around the edges that need cropping.