Resurrection of “heavy” bricks first try the instructions above!!! I found that I couldn’t boot into the recovery on the 4 Gb this time sd card – just a hang on the green droid. Posted 23 May – But when i then put a newer firmware including the recovery files onto the root of my sd and reboot pwr and – volume , i only get green droid logo restart loops. In this firmware, the processor frequency is initially understated. Back to Ainol Novo 10 Hero. Stake Download here In the stock firmware there are no Google Apps.

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Ainol Novo10 Hero Dual Core Tablet PC 10.1 Inch Dual Camera HDMI Bluetooth WIFI 16GB

If i then try to reset with metal pin, the tablet is bricked again and i cant even boot when i take the sd card out Only do this if you are absolutely sure that all other methods have failed and absolutely sure that you performed all the other methods correctly.

Turn off the tablet 2.

If you sure that you have the correct TWRP zip then flash it to replace the recovery. Several functions hdro not work. Topic cap is referenced to the section standard. All the files for installation were taken from this post, pulled from the mail-cloud Post has been edited VVX – Do you know if the bootloader is the same for Crystal and Hero 1 devices?


I guess the rest of the system is different but getting a working bootloader would let me flash proper Hero firmware from the SD card to get the device working again. Links to original topics: They should have rather large sizes, mtdblock8 is your internal media storage and avnftli is your internal system storage. Sometimes the process starts within ainoo few seconds and sometimes it can take a couple of minutes.

Turn off the device. Accordingly for a Hero it should probably say “Novo10Hero”. If you have a question the best way to get an answer is to post in one of my threads.

Ainol Novo 10 Hero II Inch Quad Core Tablet PC Dual Camera WIFI HDMI 16GB

That should put me at Method 2 step 2. You currently have javascript disabled. According to the Google translation from China – if you come with a tablet with the firmware v2 – you must first download and flash again v2, and after sewing Hold until the appearance of the recovery seconds.

I have no idea what avnftli1 is but it also has something to do with the internal storage. Aiinol have nvo not figured out why. Actually, the firmware is exactly the same 1.


Everything in one archive. The link is the same as the one before: Probably she was not alone.

If you just got a tablet, do not flash right away! If those don’t work then you can try the Hero Rescue SD image which is the firmware.

We install a fresh Android SDK. Hold the button until the recovery appears. I found that I couldn’t boot into the recovery on the 4 Gb this time sd card – just a hang on the green droid.

Posted 23 May – Do not worry, we repeat patiently paragraphs above 3 The robot will appear, and then the tablet will turn off.

Software Tools: Ainol Nova 10 Hero USB Driver For Windows 7 Xp 8 32Bit 64Bit

If it’s a deep brick though, it doesn’t get much worse than that, the problem for most people is figuring out how to get the software to work. Firmware A mirror on the people Christian updated the compatibility archive for the hero.

Posted 19 May – I tried flashing and TWRP.