So the “dirty” workaround to restore this folder is not necessary anymore. However, not all tablets have official stock firmware releases, so if your tablet does not have a firmware release it becomes really difficult to unbrick it and you will have to experiment. Sometimes you may be using the correct TWRP but will still get these errors. Could flashing a file for the Crystal make things any worse for my device? By Omegadrive , Senior Member on 4th December , The link is the same as the one before: Prepare rescue SD and plug in 3.

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Voila appeared the Recovery. Ejected card, first reboot took a few minutes but then hung on the green droid.

If you see the normal green Android logo that says Ainol underneath it, hold down the Power button to power off the tablet and hold down the Power and Vol – buttons again. The software seems to have a failure rate around 1 in 25 attempts, so start from the beginning if it doesn’t work the first time.

The device will be sdb as a mass storage device with the name “Novo7Fire” and if you have Windows Auto-Play on, a window will pop up, close that Window. I have had a small amount of progress Initial state was, No boot of any kind, black screen but backlight activates. Install ROM, gapps, compatibility from the corresponding aeb item.

[HOW TO] Unbrick Ainol Crystal | Android Tablet Forum

I take absolutely no responsibility if you try this and mess up your tablet even more and I can’t really “make a video,” give “step by step” instructions or explain it further, at least for now You would see some images like you would see in recovery, like the android guy but with a arb object in his chest, but you wouldn’t be able to select any options or flash manually.


Resurrecting bricks through a flasher and ADB. Second, it seems the tablet is already rooted but the root is just dummy or the interface has been disabled with deny set as default for any application. Jan 24, 3. Here is a closer look at the area to the right of the battery where the Flash Memory chip is located. Are you a developer?

Ainol Hero 2 to use with Eclipse and Android SDK

Feb 10, 7. The screen will go black and then boot up again after a little while, then the normal green Android logo will be displayed again. Sometimes when I am attempting to flash the device I notice a “crc check value: Hold down the power button for 10 seconds to turn it off.

Boot back into recovery and make sure that the firmware package correctly installed the Stock Recovery on your device. We install a fresh Android SDK. I can flash now! Can be taken here In rekoveri use 3 wipes before installing ROM. But you will not be able to add new programs to the superuser app if a new app requests superuser rights there is no popup. Instructions for lifting a “heavy” brick from cem4ik for which he thank you so much.


OK, kept trying and found some interesting stuff, first of all a screenshot with the tablet info: I’m working on some updated unbricking packages this morning but I just got an emergency equipment repair call so I might to be able to finish the unbricking packages before I head out for that.

So it has to be exchanged with the version 3. aiol

Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. It fools the tablet into thinking there is no nand to boot from so that it automatically looks for the sd card and flashes the unbricking files from the sd card.

Detailed instructions with photo The general order of the firmware: These things just take a lot of patience and perseverance.

The solution is, put Skype 2.

Counting down from the top right hand corner you want to located the number 5 and 6 pins. I know there are some formatting issues but at the moment I don’t have time to fix that and all the important info is still there. Search tags for this page. That’s interesting – here’s my recent experience, perhaps it will help us work out what is going on: